MSJ Spring Meeting 2017 Attendance Report

At the Youth Education National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo from May 25 to 28, 2017, the Spring Meeting of the Japan Meteorological Society 2017 was held. From our laboratory, a total of six people, two faculty members, one PD, and three students Participated. Associate professor Iwabuchi made an oral presentation. PD Saito also made two oral presentations.

I touched upon research in various fields this time and participated to think about what I can apply to my future research. Of course I participated in the session of “atmospheric radiation” which is my specialty field, but I also participated in sessions outside my specialized field and learned observation methods in various fields. There were also some presentations that could be tied to my own research, so it was good taht I could find future tasks on how to connect them. Also, I had opportunities to interact with students from many other universities, and I was able to talk about each research.

I think that the best harvest through participation of this academic society is that I was able to greatly improve motivation for research. In addition, I think that I want to get opinions from many people through presentation because I was able to participate in the society at the Meteorological Society. I would like to try my best for my master’s research which will begin in earnest. Masuda