Short term study abroad report in University of Colorado Boulder

From November 4, 2018 to December 2, 2018, I went to University of Colorado Boulder by using Tohoku University Cooperative Laboratory Program (COLABS), joined in Dr. Schmidt’s research group and did my research.

During my short stay, I worked on an approach to physically consider my research mainly under the guidance of Dr. Schmidt. As a result, opportunities to think physically more than before this short stay increased overwhelmingly, it made possible to obtain some important considerations, further clarified what should be done in my study of the remaining master’s course.

While studying, there were opportunities to give my oral presentation within the research group and poster presentation at the poster conference in the university, which was very valuable for me who do not have the opportunity to present a research in English usually and it was also a challenging. Especially at the poster presentation, communication skills in English are indispensable in order to talk with audiences, I feel that even this one day made my skill greatly polished.

The laboratory I visited has a large number of people who are not only American but also German, Chinese and so on. Even if their native language is not English, They discuss advanced topics in their clever English. Looking at such a discussion, I felt the large difference between here and the environment that I had been in Japan so far, and it was a good opportunity for me to look over to the overseas field and people activities because I have never do that and only have looked only domestic field before my short stay (M2 Ryosuke Masuda).