JpGU Meeting 2019 Attendance Report

The JpGU 2019 annual meeting was held on the International Convention Complex “Makuhari Messe” in Chiba from May 26 to 30, 2019. From our laboratory, there are four participants who attend the meeting, especially in Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Science part. Dr. Iwabuchi and Mr. Takahashi gave an oral presentation, and Ms. Wang and Mrs. Murni gave a poster presentation.

Both of the oral and poster presentations, we received various comments and opinions about our focus study fields. In my poster session, I received some advices to improve my analysis method and to give more attentions on any factor which could influence in the analysis that I did not find out. In addition, I also attended in several oral presentations which were not my session. One of them, it was still related to my study field, and I could improve my understanding about my study from other sides. For next year meeting, I hope that I can join again in that event to share what I found and to learn for something new. (D1 Murni).